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The School of Lost Arts is a centre for workshops, events, markets and teaching on creativity, art and sustainable living.

A class in progress

A class in progress

Learning the Craft

The School of Lost Arts believes in the importance of making as an important part of creativity. Success and failure are part of the process of open-ended enquiry and we believe in a commitment to learning through the continuous feedback loop between thinking and doing.

Our classes and workshops aim to connect potential students with experienced practitioners in their field who are also passionate and generous teachers.

Nicola Cerini

Nicola Cerini

Sharing the Creativity of Local Artists

Geelong and the surrounding areas are rich with the creativity of artists, crafts people and experts in sustainable living. We enjoy forming relationships and fostering our shared goals by hosting events that connect into the local community.

Check our calendar and events page for past and future events.


Learning to Create a More Sustainable Future

We believe that living in tune with the natural world is the way of the future. Learning how to source our food by growing our own and making our homes the centre for our own creative output is very important to us.

Even the smallest spaces can be very productive with imaginative and creative design. The enjoyment that comes from growing even some of our own food can add greatly to the pleasure of life.

The practice of making is also at the heart of all cultures and is a way of accessing creative thinking that can have many benefits. Helping people to re-connect to sustainable ideas and ways of living is a large part of the School of Lost Arts philosophy.

Upcoming Workshops
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